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Verwüstung - The Lash Ov NIHIL

MC 2015

Track List:

Side A: The Lash Ov NIHIL

  1. Intro/Verwustung [ MP3, 10,0 Mb ]
  2. Nuclear Dawn
  3. The Lash ov NIHIL
  4. Vengeance Incarnate
  5. G.V.S. (Ver.2)
  6. The Lord ov Plague, Thy Kingdom Come
  7. On Paths Forbidden
  8. Outro

Side B: 'In the name ov Salvation' EP


Style: Thrash Black Metal

Additional Information:
Unleashing terror and war upon mankind Verwüstung strikes with unexpected release comprising new album and old EP. Almost an hour of purest Thrash Black Metal lashing the veins and boiling the blood! Cover Art by Yag Mort, tape reinforced with bonus sticker by unknown artist. https://aeonofhorus.bandcamp.com/

 (P) 2.015 AEON of HORUS Productions


Verwüstung - The Lash Ov NIHIL