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Goathorned - G.G.G.

MC 2018

Track List:
  1. Awakening of the Ancient Evil (Intro)
  2. Litanies of Chaos and Death[ MP3, 10 Mb ]
  3. Contamination trail (Night accension)
  4. Gehenna of eternal destruction
  5. Futility of mutilated existence [ MP3, 10,3 Mb ]
  6. Plague of perdition and desecration
  7. Screams of holy trinity in fiery abyss
  8. Inferno of sacred destruction (Black Witchery cover)

Style: Furious Black/Death Metal

Additional Information:
Unsilent storm from the North Abyss unleashed! Powerful, furious and uncompromising swirl of Black Death Metal from certain well-known musicians. First demo 'G.G.G. - Genocidal Goathorned Gestapo' contains 7 tracks of Black and Death Metal in the vein of Teitanblood, Morbosidad, Proclamation, Revenge and Blasphemy completed with Black Witchery cover and unholy rituals. Special package, pro-tape as usual.

 (P) 2.018 AEON of HORUS Productions

Price (Belarus): €5
Price (Rest of the planet): €5

Goathorned - G.G.G.