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Bonehammer/Goathorned - Eastern Graves

MC 2019

Track List:
  1. Bonehammer - Wandering lights of the marshes
  2. Bonehammer - Fiery Mirror
  3. Goathorned - Manaški, Pochvy, Ciemra (ARCHGOAT)
  4. Goathorned - Pakuty Ilžeprarokaŭ

Style: Black/Death Metal

Additional Information:
Long-awaited split of bands well known in Krywian underground is finally unleashed on tape. Bonehammer presents new original tracks recorded with the old lineup and represents the dark side of split. Goathorned extended the lineup for current release and portrays the furious side of split. Special sleevecase package included. Listen on Bandcamp

 (P) 2.019 AEON of HORUS Productions

Price (Belarus): €4
Price (Rest of the planet): €5

Bonehammer/Goathorned - Eastern Graves