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Bonehammer - Through Blood

MC 2016

Track List:
  1. Damnatio ad bestias
  2. Goatfather's hammer[ MP3, 7,9 Mb ]
  3. Blow the carnyx!
  4. Hummingbird of the South
  5. Salomon's gate

Style: Black/Death Metal of Doom

Additional Information:
Hail Black Goat (of a thousand Young!) Womb of the Netherworld spawned yet another creature of Evil, this time with a distinctive stench of old Beherit and Archgoat. Bonehammer, a league of demons from the darkest cellars of Krywian undeground, presents their first EP 'Througn Blood'. 4 tracks of Black and Death Metal of Doom in the vein of forgotten Goatblood plus Beherit cover. Special package and bonus sticker included. https://aeonofhorus.bandcamp.com/

 (P) 2.016 AEON of HORUS Productions

Price (Belarus): €4
Price (Rest of the planet): €4

Bonehammer - Through Blood