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Bonehammer - Through Blood

MC 2016

Track List:
  1. Damnatio ad bestias
  2. Goatfather's hammer[ MP3, 7,9 Mb ]
  3. Blow the carnyx!
  4. Hummingbird of the South
  5. Salomon's gate

Style: Black/Death Metal of Doom

Additional Information:
Hail Black Goat (of a thousand Young!) Womb of the Netherworld spawned yet another creature of Evil, this time with a distinctive stench of old Beherit and Archgoat. Bonehammer, a league of demons from the darkest cellars of Krywian undeground, presents their first EP 'Througn Blood'. 4 tracks of Black and Death Metal of Doom in the vein of forgotten Goatblood plus Beherit cover. Special package and bonus sticker included.

 (P) 2.016 AEON of HORUS Productions

Price (Belarus): €3
Price (Rest of the planet): €4

Bonehammer - Through Blood