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Zeuge is a scenic pseudonym of Dmirty Reznikov (DEOFEL vocals on Aposni Rytual). Dmitry started to take interest in Electro music at the end of the 90s. At a mature age Zeuge was inspired by dark ambient and rhythmic noise, at that time project sound13 was born (deceased now). In 2002-2003 Zeuge discovered extreme cult club music called Technical Itch. With time interests grew bigger and such styles as techno, schranz, hardcore, breakcore, speedcore, darkcore, terror, IDM were included in the scope of activity.
Later Dmitry participated in Euthanasia as Headshot where he performed Hardtechno/hardcore in various events.
Keen desire to promote Electro music such as breakcore , hardcore and IDM resutted in creation of his own promo-group [Core]poration and a new project Zeuge. Passion for the music grew bigger and new Zeuge was embedded with hardcore, breakcore, terror, IDM. From September 2009 Zeuge is signed to new belarusian extreme electronic music label DEADPIXEL RECORDS were he participated in compilation and split with label owner PANZEM. One of new tracks was included in compilation SICK COMPILATION VOL. 2 produced by notorious russian label Acid Samovar Rec.
Music by Zeuge is mystic, dark, aggressive, sometimes evil, but still romantic. During Live performances Dmitry uses some old material, new sketches, previously recorded loops and different melodies as well as new tracks which make live actions more live and diverse.
During his work on music, Dmitry played with multifarious aratists such as Teknoist, Rotator, Passenger of Shit, BELLADONNAKILLZ, Gromov, Totally Normal, Distimia, Sonic Overkill,Satan, Tomash Gee, Pavel Ambiont, The Outside Agency, Dj 8088, Recycle Bot, Tim Ballista, Airborne Drumz. He was also invited to play live in Moscow and Saint Peterburg.