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Tod Geheim

Tod Geheim is a dark ambient band from Belarus that was founded by Accurst Wrath in 1999 a.b. In 1999 it's first album "Kunst aus Nacht" was released by Suicidal Death Majesty Productions (endur 02) as a tape limited to 500 copies. Tod Geheim's only one gig took place in 2005 in Minsk within the limits of "The Strike of Winter" fest. It was a performance dedicated to Aleister Crowley's 58th death jubilee and included invocations of Babalon and Kali. Tod Geheim's second gig scheduled to take place in 2007 (in a context of a second "Crivia Aeterna" fest) was prohibited several hours before the show because of very specific scenario of a performance. In 2006 Art of Anticreation Productions released exclusively a second Tod Geheim's album "Todessakrament" as a CD limited to 93 copies.