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Dalakon started rehearsing in 1996 a.b. entitled "Zmrok". Their first line-up consisted of Vermin (drums), Carrion (guitar) and Zai (bass). It was raw Black Metal in the vein of Dark Funeral with lyrics in Krywian. Max joined the band as Guitarist/Vocalist in 1997. Inspite of different problems music for the debut album was composed in 1998. Gigs and recording of the first album were delayed due to Carrion's serious injury. After their first gig the band changed name to Dalakon (grave spirit in Krywian mythology) and released a live-demo entitled "Zmrok". Somehow the band started rehearsing the music for their second album. It should have been furious Black Metal in the vein of early Emperor and Immortal. Problems started when Carrion and Zai left the band. Session musicians tried to substitute them when Vermin moved to St. Petersburg. Last man standing from the original line-up (Max) decided to freeze the band and joined Deofel.