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Alpha Embryo

Alpha Embryo - harshnoise madness morphing to ambient landscapes, affected by rhytmical pulses of power electronics. Pure fuckin' mayhem, unseen mixture of your aunt's fairytales with extreme cases of droning schizo. Alpha Embryo is an uncompromising evil, a chalice of venomous hatred that is about to spill into your throat. No trends, only pure brain corrosion and disintegration.

1) ALPHA EMBRYO "Distractio mentis"
Suicidal Death Majesty Prod. Endur 04: INFEKT#R/Alpha Embryo "Split" Posthuman Ambient Noise

2) ALPHA EMBRYO "Last Reflection (Optical Patchcord)"
STIGMATA [ http://stigmata.name/label_en.php ]. ST:01:2005 V/A Tuteishyia Selected Works of Belarussian Experimental Artists.

[ http://qliphoth.su ]
"Rotting Genitals of Pazuzu, Vol. II"