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The Strike of Winter 2
The Strike of Winter 2
Blackdeath (Russia) [Black Metal]
Deofel (Minsk) [Black Metal]
Koshuni (Russia) [Black Metal]
Smiercieslau (Belarus) [Black Metal]
Pestilentia (Minsk) [Black Metal]
Madness (Belarus) [Black Metal]
Unlight Forest (Belarus) [Dark Ambient]
Balgor (Belarus) [Black Metal]
Albarutenya (Belarus) [Folk]



Blackdeath - Russian SPB duo bringing Morbid Black Metal at it's best since 1995. The band is widely known across Europe and CIS countries. Blackdeath had split releases with such great bands as Leviathan (US), Mortifera (FRA), Horna (FIN). Blackdeath performs traditional fast and ugly Black Metal.

Deofel from Minsk was founded in 2000 and had released three albums so far. Last masterpiece was higly appreciated by fans. Black Metal.

Smiercieslau - Thrash Metal Violence from Homel humiliating christ since early nineties. Band has only one album released, the second one is at hand. A side-project of Zmrok. Thrash metal.

Koschuni - Relatively young band from SPB, bringing fast and cold Black Metal in the vein of Norwegian scene. Featuring members of Dreved'.

Pestilentia - a band from Minsk with only one demo-tape released. A one-man band of melodic and epic Black Metal. Session musicians involved.

Madness - krywian trio founded in 2005. Melancholic Black Metal.

Unlight Forest - instumental dark ambient one-man band from Minsk. A side-project from the only member of Zaklon.

Albarutenya - folkish side-project of Zmrok.