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Black Metal open air event that will take place in ancient belarus kryvian woods.

TEITANFYRE (Russia, Pskov) [Black Metal]
KOSCHUNI(Russia, St. Petersburg) [Black Metal]
PESTILENTIA (Minsk) [Black Metal]
WARGUILD (Minsk) [Black Metal]
ПСАЛОМ 666 (Hell) [Black Metal]
DISGOD (Minsk) [Death/Thrash]


June 2010, Niemaracz Klan decided to arrange another great and unusual event - second Krywian Forest Open Air Black Metal gig, the continuation of Thy Spirit Ov The Fall kult. Previous open air was held in october of 2008 and it was really symbolic for those noble few who decided to visit dense Krywian forest with only one purpose - to praise the cult of Black Metal in it's primordial meaning. This year festival is timed to Aeon of Horus' decade anniversary. Aeon of Horus may not be a famous label, but it is undoubtedly significant for those sick ones that breathe with Underground and Black Metal.
So, Niemaracz proudly declares that Shades ov Summer will take place somewhere around Minsk. The Clan gathered all the best representatives of Russian and Krywian underground.

Shades Ov Summer will be the first gig on Krywian soil for this young band. Classical Black Metal with Traditional Concept. Blood. Sulfur. Fyre. Salt and ashes. Everything for the glory of our Master. 666!

Another debut of a great band that features drummer and vocalist of Deofel. Warguild performs fast and brutal Black Metal with a slight touch of Sweedish BM.

Awesome horde from Pskov, Russia. This young band features members of Black Wood, Skullthrone and cult Gehangter Jude. During their live shows Teitanfyre fuck their audience with a badass medley of Swedish and South American Old School Black Metal and they take no prisoners. Teitanfyre has already performed live with Hell Militia, Morbosidad, Archgoat and some other Black Metal Masters. The band have finished the recording of their debut "Morbid Death Scepter" recently, so there is a possibility that Teitanfyre will perform some new songs exclusively for Shades Ov Summer. And more to say, that gig can be the only appearance of Teitanfyre in Krywia.

The Plague of Krywia is definitely an old band that actually prefers raw Krywian cellars more than big stages and publicity. Till now they were only seen at Niemaracz events, such as Strike of Winter II and Thy Spirit of the Fall. This is their last gig before releasing their debut full-lenght, so be ready to hear some new songs from this horde. Pestilentia is a Black Metal band. Devastating hymns to Death heard through the howling of a pestilent wind!

Disgod from Minsk perform True Death Metal with Thrash Metal touches. Fury, anger and stub-nosed agression mixed with technical guitar parts will be present at Shades Ov Summer, Disgod's last gig before their upcoming Poland Tour.

This underground horde is already known to Krywian fans. They performed live at Strike of Winter II festival along with Blackdeath, Deofel and Zmrok. Koschuni don't really give a fuck for the recording of their songs, they prefer rare live envents. The band will be interesting for those who praise old Norwegian Black Metal. Nevertheless they a not just a simple ripoff of Darkthrone because some St. PB scene touch can be heard here. Their music can not be described by any verbal meaning, just visit Shades ov Summer and hear them!

First stage appearance of this bloody ritual Madness. This Orchestra is a main band for participants of Psalm 666, Storming Darkness, Ithdabquth Qliphoth, Deofel and Blackness.