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We greet everyone who joined us in this moonless night, black as hell. Times pass by and there is now a possibility to spread the Message in a new way. By starting this virtual den of evil we wanted to let people ("people") from all around the globe know about the Black Underworld of Krywia ("Krywia" is an old word, actually our country is called. No proofless calls to the "War against kristianity", no anti-Semitic slogans, no mottos like "For the purity of Black Metal" will be here—do we need them? Why, those few persons whom this site is really for, do know it well. Those for whom Apokalypse (Twilight of the Gods, Ragnarok, Total Death…) became the only way of life (and Death) don't need anything to keep their hatred burning. We aimed just to get someone a chance to know about our activities.

The holocaust is to be continued…