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Aeon of Horus, Niemaracz Black Metal label from Belarus » News » 11.05.2012 BLACK SORCERY RITUAL



We are honoured to spawn Black Sorcery Ritual in Kiev, Ukraine on 11.05.2012.


Tenebrous Trivmvirate

Niemarazc Klan along with Kaossect proudly presents Black Sorcery Ritual gig which will be held on May 11 in Shtolts Club (Kiev), line-up includes religious black metal band MAHLKEBRE supported by PESTILENTIA, NIEZGAL, KAOSOPHYA, DEFERUM SACRUM.

DEFERUM SACRUM (Ukraine) - presents vivid Black/Death and is going to show its sinister face to Kiev's audience. Band made its good reputation by playing numerous gigs within Ukraine as well as without, demonstrating storm sound and vigorous perfomance.

NIEZGAL (Krywia) - band from Minsk with remarkable show on last year's CRYPTIC INVOCATION and excellent demo. Playing live sounds just as good as the recorded stuff. NIEZGAL is planning to perform new tracks with new line-up.

KAOSOPHIA (Ukraine) - quite young but extremely perspective band, last year's CRYPTIC INVOCATION concert proved that. Line-up was changed as group intends to present new tracks, at times aggressive and somewhere melodic mid-tempo BM.

PESTILENTIA (Krywia) - group from Minsk well-known to all undeground fans for active concert support and killing releases. Atmoshperic mid-tempo BM. Aura of Death and Desolation. To mourn the living!

MAHLKEBRE (France) - band plays specific BM. Slow ritual passages dashed with ultraspeed parts. Musick that makes get down to knees and praise the Lord!

More info soon.