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Aeon of Horus, Niemaracz Black Metal label from Belarus

Aeon of Horus, a record label from Belarus (Krywia) who organizes Black Metal open airs and releases metal bands. Label is based in Minsk.

Niemaracz is a union of black metal bands, record labels and webzines. Main site hosts interview of underground black metal bands from Krywia, contains plenty of information on European underground metal labels. Events section is dedicated to black metal open airs and metal concerts held in Minsk Belarus where BM bands perform their unholy rites. All of the performances were organized by Aeon of Horus, Belarus black metal record label started by a few individuals long time ago.
Projects page holds links to our fellow undeground metal bands and metal record labels who carries Black Flame of Devil with pride. 2 black metal webzines are presented under Magazines’ section, people behind them gathered loads of black metal interviews with bands, labels and reviews of metal music. All of the webzine kreators are based in Minsk Belarus (old Krywia). Photogallery section represents black metal reviews and reports of Belarus open airs and metal concerts. Aeon of Horus produced 7 black metal releases so far, the bands our metal label supports have been carefully selected before releasing. Site’s online store’s filled with underground music, black metal cds, vynils and tapes.